Resort Rules

Please help us make your, and our other guests, experience more enjoyable and pleasant by following these few simple rules. Anyone causing a disturbance or violating the resort rules will be told to leave immediately, without a refund. Please contact our staff if you have questions or concerns.


Common Courtesy: Respect other guests space and privacy. Respect is the golden rule. Failure to follow the golden rule may result in you being asked to leave the resort.

Check In/Out: Check-in for guests with their own RV’s is 2pm, check out is 12pm (Noon). Check-in time for any of our lodging options is 3pm, and check-out is 11am.

Speed Limit: Maximum Speed in the resort is 5 mph. Watch for children, pets and wild animals.

Vehicles: Each RV site includes 2 vehicles, one RV and one tow(ed) vehicle. Guests staying in our lodging options (excluding the ‘Homestead’) are limited to 1 vehicle. Any additional vehicles need to be registered with the office and there is an additional charge.

Motorcycles and ATV’s: These may be driven at 5 mph to enter and leave the resort only. Please respect other guests by maintaining a peaceful environment.

Pets: All pets, including cats, must be tethered on a short leash whenever they are outside your lodging or your RV. Pet fencing or cages may be used at your RV site. Take your pet with you if you leave the resort. While walking your pet it must be on a leash and under control. Please respect other guests by maintaining a peaceful environment. You may be asked to leave the resort if you cannot keep your pet under control. Pick up after your pet, there are several pet waste cans around the resort.

Children: Children may not be left unsupervised at any time. Parents and/or guardians are responsible for the actions and safety of their children. Please respect other guests by maintaining a peaceful environment.

Visitors: Additional guests and their vehicles must register at the office on arrival, there may be additional fees for overnight guests and those who use resort facilities.

Campfires and BBQ’s: Small campfires must be within the fire pits at your location. Campfires must never be left unattended. At certain times of the year Douglas County enacts fire restrictions, wood fires and charcoal BBQ’s can be banned completely. Propane fire pits and propane BBQ’s may still be allowed during fire season.

Firearms and Fireworks: ‘Open Carry’ and loaded firearms are prohibited in the resort except during hunting season. At all times, the discharge of firearms in the resort and hunting within 5000 feet of the property line is prohibited. Setting off fireworks of any type or kind in the National Forest and the resort is illegal.

Smoking: All park facilities, buildings and lodgings are non-smoking. We are ‘420 friendly’, you must smoke outside of your lodging and within the outdoor area included with your lodging or RV site.  All smoking material must be completely extinguished and disposed of safely in a container in the trash. Do not throw cigarette butts on the ground or into fire pits. During times of extreme fire danger smoking maybe prohibited outside; and restricted to inside your vehicle only, in accordance with Douglas Country Fire Protection Agency.

Utilities: We request your cooperation in the conservation of water and electricity. The supply of drinking water is limited by our on-site well and septic system. The sprinklers are supplied by non-potable spring water.

Trash and Recycling: Please dispose of your trash in the dumpsters next to the office. The county does not pick up recyclables in our area. We are able to recycle cans and bottles that have been subject to a deposit collected at the point of sale please use one of the two blue recycle bins.

Quiet Time:  Quiet hours are 10pm – 8am, keep noise to an absolute minimum. No excessive noise at any tie, please respect other guests around you. Please contact the camp host at the office, or by following the camp host contact information outside office hours, if you have any concerns or would like to report an issue.

Liability: The resort, its owners, and employees are not responsible for any accident, injury, damage, theft or loss to either property or persons from use of the resort and its facilities