Crater Lake National Park

Day Trip Ideas:


Crater Lake LodgingCrater Lake is one of the most magnificent of our area’s attractions.  The North entrance is only about an hour’s drive from Umpqua’s Last Resort, making it a wonderful day-trip destination.  Along the way, stop and enjoy numerous waterfalls, including Watson Falls (the tallest in Southern Oregon) Toketee Falls, or stop at the North Umpqua Hot Springs for a dip in a series of heated thermal pools perched on a cliff beside the river.

Enjoy a picnic lunch and spend some time hiking around Crater Lake’s unique Wizard Island- (accessible via boat ride during the summertime)

Crater Lake is known worldwide for clarity and unbelievably deep blue color.  Formed when the caldera volcano Mount Mazama erupted over 7700 years ago, there are no rivers coming into or out of the lake.   Crater Lake’s volume is maintained by snowfall and rainfall.  It is the deepest lake in the United States at 1,949 feet and the ninth deepest in the world.

Here is a link to Crater Lake Institute, where you can find more information about Crater Lake.


Crater Lake National Park camping at Umpqua's Last ResortThe North Umpqua Trail is a maintained 79 mile trail with different segments accessible for day hikes, mountain biking, or horseback riding.  It runs alongside the North Umpqua River,



Crater Lake photo
Hiking the North Umpqua Trail to the Hot Springs
Mountain Biking the N. Umpqua Trail
Mountain Biking the North Umpqua Trail
North umpqua trail map #1
North Umpqua Trail map #2